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School in Zambia

The Pietsch family has been supporting an Elementary school on a farm near the town Kalomo in the south of Zambia since 2014. The school was opened with one class in 1993 and it teaches approximately 420 children from first to ninth grade today. The chief initiator of the school project was the 70-year-old father of Klaus Müller, who has himself been running an Agricultural Training Institute on a neighboring farm for over 30 years now. Establishing a school does not only include recruiting qualified teachers and providing equipment and teaching material but also burning the bricks with building material from termite hills. 

113a.JPGWhen we visited the Elementary school for the first time in the summer of 2014 and were tutoring the children in English and math, we became aware of their different needs. The pre-schoolers have little or no opportunities to acquire skills important as the basis for learning to read and calculate. As a result, there are a widespread lack of number comprehension and quite limited possibilities to practice reading during school time. In addition to that, suitable teaching material is mostly not available due to a lack of money. Also, the newly installed computers can often not be used for training as the power supply fails for 8-10 hours every day. Good education, however, is extremely important to increase the chances for a good job which yields enough to feed a family - in a country with up to 70 % youth unemployment.
116.JPGWe have, therefore, made it our task to support and promote the children according to our possibilities. We are planning to spend the summer of 2016 at the school in order to help the teachers use more efficient and interactive teaching methods and provide corresponding teaching material. Apart from that, we would like to equip the school with new text books and give especially the lower graders their own reading book to encourage their daily reading and to increase their joy of reading texts. 
118.pngThe funding requirement for this project is somewhere in the high four-digit range. Approximately one third has already been covered by donations from churches and individuals. One possibility to support this project is to become a "book sponsor". A child receives a reading book for his/her personal use for a donation of 20 €. In return, the donor receives a photo with the child holding "his" or "her" book. This way the donor has complete certainty about who benefits from this donation.
If you would like to support this project, you can contact us by filling out the contact form (folder: Legal Notice). For further information about the Elementary school and the Agricultural Training Institute, follow this link:
Good Hope Zambia (