“Undecided, young and without any perspective. One step into the big wide world, hoping that broadening the horizon would bring a better idea for future plans.”

With this attitude I traveled to the United States, leaving familiar traditions and structures behind. Enjoying the adventure of individual freedom and becoming entangled in esoteric practices, I finally came to realize that this couldn’t be the road to real happiness. In reality, I was desperate and emotional drained. Just lost. And nothing seemed to get me out of there. My last hope was to find an answer in the One who made me. So I collapsed on Him, I fell down and grabbed a hold of His hand. The hand of the Lord, my savior Jesus Christ. There was nothing I could bring. Just empty and simply cling to Him. And receive.

Brought up in the Evangelical-Lutheran faith, I never doubted the existence of God. So, while growing up, I received some religious education by attending children’s bible class and confirmation in the traditional church environment. But never responded to personal fellowship. So I thought if the Bible is indeed the word of God if He revealed Himself through Jesus Christ, offering redemption and inviting us, then there HAS TO be more than just pious knowledge and sacrament!

Having made the choice to search Christ, for real, the desire of communion with people who share the same goal grew.

Back home in Germany, it first came that I ended up in a charismatic circle, thinking that I was in good hands. But soon I was feeling uncomfortable. Weird practices and convictions there made me doubt. Then it came that I met the church of Christ, and I started to read the Bible by myself. I wanted to gain personal discernment in order to find a way through all the confusion of different opinions. Things started to get clearer to me. Then, what should have kept me from doing the final step of conversion? My heart was ready. In April 2017 I decided to be baptized in the true biblical way.

“THANK YOU Father, for letting me be your child. And THANK YOU, for all the dear and faithful brothers and sisters I have met in the meantime. I have already learned a lot.”