About Us

Who we are

We are people brought to­gether by God. None of us were “good enough” but since we responded to His in­vi­ta­tion, we may now live a life of faith, love and con­fi­dence.

We are a family that offers a welcome to everyone – no mat­ter what origin, status, na­tio­na­lity or income.

We are an in­de­pen­dent con­gre­ga­tion – without ties to any para­church or­ga­ni­za­tion. Yet we feel connected with all those who put the word of the Bible above all opinions, tra­di­tions and “new re­ve­la­tions”.

We are simply Christians and that is why this church bears the name of the Lord (Romans 16:16). Our work is solely fi­nanced by do­na­tions.

Our beliefs

We believe in the almighty, loving God who in the beginning created the world and whose words and works have been recorded in the Bible.

The Bible focuses on Jesus Christ. He sacrificed his perfect life to cover our failures. We believe in his bodily resurrection, his victory over sin and death. We confess him as king and son of God. We believe that God offers a new spiritual beginning to all who honestly seek him (Acts 2:36-42).

While reading the Bible we have discovered that God longs for a rather simple form of worship coming from the heart. This involves preaching the word, prayer, singing and the weekly celebration of the Lord’s supper.

We are looking forward to the future, expecting the day when Jesus returns and pronounces a final verdict on all people. Until then we want to exhibit the faith delivered “once for all” (Jude, verse 3). Everyone is invited.