Youth Group
Jun 28 um 18:00

Our teenagers meet on Fridays. There is topical input from the Bible, we are creative, play board games and there is always something going on.

Important: The youth don’t meet during school break in summer!!

Bible classes for all age groups_3
Jun 30 um 9:30

for adults:

Until the end of June, the theme is „Last Admonitions“ In the short letter of Jude, Christians are warned not to allow themselves to be led astray by erroneous, new doctrines.

for teenagers:

The youth group meets in their own room right next to the main entrance. We sing praise songs in German and English and take a closer look at famous people in the Bible.

During school break in summer the youth don’t meet.

for children:

Children are welcome in the room left to the main entrance for a time of singing, story-telling and crafting. At present we are looking at the names of God.

Jun 30 um 10:30 – 11:30

On each first day of the week we get together to celebrate what God has done through his son Jesus Christ.

This event is in German (translation into English is possible upon request).

Children are very welcome. Right at the beginning, all children are invited to come and sit in front to sing together. Meanwhile everyone else may find their seats. When the children have returned to their parents, there will be a short round of announcements. After a few songs we celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

Dear guests, please don’t feel obligated in any way. No one is expected to take from the bread or drink from the fruit of the vine. The same goes for the collection for which there is a wooden box in the back. The collection is voluntary – there is no church tax nor entrance fee.

The meeting is rounded off by a sermon on a topic of the Christian faith.

At the end there is a common closing prayer.

You are welcome to ask questions and express prayer requests. There is always time for further discussion at the end of the event if you wish.

This event takes place on location and via Zoom.

Jun 30 um 12:00

Today we stay together after church service to enjoy a meal together.

As our guest you are invited, too. Just have a seat.

Follow-up discussion about the sermon
Jul 2 um 18:00

Adult Class:

We meet for a time of singing and prayer and also use the opportunity to talk about the topic of the previous Sunday sermon.

Childrens‘ Class

The younger ones will have their own time of singing, doing crafts and talking about God’s story.

Everyone is welcome!